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AkiI do have more than 30 years of hard experience in my clock. Experience from several ICT-roles in several major companies in Finland and from 2011 onwards that know-how has been available through my own enterprise.

If you need assistance in your company’s  ICT-security and cybersecurity issues, give me a call and we’ll see where to find answers to all what, where, how and when -questions.

mctsI’m very well acquainted with both Microsoft and Open Source platforms connected by network solutions of multiple variations. Designing networks or cloud solutions to be both effective and safe is worth doing well. I’m quite convinced that I can help you achieving modern and defensible network for your business.
Acamar  During last years I have been targetting my interests into cyber security issues and particularly processes that can help getting into the core of each incident and making sure that no “trick” can fool us twice. Together with CySec Ice Wall Ltd. I have been in the development team to a patented CySec Vault™ software.