The Legend of Acamar

Acamar location
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About 160 lightyears away from planet Earth, close to the Southern Cross, shines a double star of Acamar.

It belongs to the constellation of Eridanus, string of stars starting from near major star Orion. Eridanus is also called the Stream of Stars. It stretches from the night sky equator up to the southern hemisphere. The meaning of the word Acamar is “The end of the Stream”.

Eridanus is linked to the ancient Greek myth of Phaëton. He was a son of star king Helios. Phaëton snatched his fathers flaming chariots for a joy ride. Being unable to control the ride he lit up both skies and the earth on his way across the sky.

High overlord Zeus save the universe by killing Phaëton with a lightning bolt. The myth states that the constallation of Eridanus follows the route where Phaëton wandered.